8 options to place your keywords

SEO is such engine optimization basically collection of all the activities and tasks which play a role in improving the ranking of a particular website.

Google search engine works by recognizing particular work words data most probably used by the searcher. A person using online services uses specific words to search or to find out about something these words are known as keywords.

 Distinct keywords play a role in specifying your online search. A search engine shows all the relevant services or products once you are searching for something that is mostly very accurate.

 So, keywords play an important role in improving the overall traffic and SEO of the website. There are several cases in which keywords can be placed or options to place your keywords  to have its maximum effect some of those places on the website are discussed here 

Domain Name

A Domain name resembling your website niche is very significant. It serves to divert maximal traffic on your website so while selecting or purchasing a website domain name you must need to go thorough research about a website you want to have and what should be the related domain name of your website either it should be unique or something close to the most favorable Search keywords on the search engine.

Page title

The title of your of the first page of the website should be relevant to the website niche and the most probable Search keywords as  Google bots work by matching the keyword and if the title of the page is relevant one it will have immensely p0sitve impact on your website.

Meta Description

It is another most influential place to have a great impact if the right keywords are placed in the right quantity it will have a great impact on your website.

Meta Tags 

These are short descriptions of the page that tells the search Engine what the particular page is all about. If a keyword is placed here it will ultimately make google bots divert relevant traffic onto your website. SEO experts usually place the most relevant keywords in the meta tags.

Page content

The content website should have the maximum possible number of keywords. Content should be of the finest quality and its readability must be good. It is suggested to make the content interesting so a reader must not lose interest during his visit.

Picture tag

Pictures placed on the website should be of exceptional quality because visitors of the website stay on it for a longer period of time. Google also checks the average time of a visitor on the website and ranks website accordingly. Pictures of the website should be tagged with keywords.


URL contains domain and subdomain names here keywords can be placed and it will be great if a domain name is a specific keyword.

Link Text

The search engine uses the strength of website links in its Algorithms. It also checks the quality of the link to determine its effectivity. Keywords can be placed in the navigation links and breadcrumbs.