Difference between digital marketing and affiliate marketing 

In digital marketing vs affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is basically a form of digital marketing in which you pay some share of the total sales to the website due to which a particular sale is done. The affiliate usually links to your pages and once a particular product is purchased you need to pay only a small percent of the sales to the affiliate website. This is comparatively a risk-free and cheapest form of marketing as it allows you to pay only when there are sales. It allows you to track and determine which link is working and which one seems to be less functional. Therefore the performance of all the links can be tracked and measured and so have the option to even choose the most beneficial ones. In other words, affiliate marketing is selling other products and earning a commission based on revenue generated.

Digital Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of Using affiliate marketing

  • Easy to measure

Using an affiliate marketing strategy you can easily measure its performance and analyze the revenue generated because of a particular link. It is easy for you to know if a specific link is driving traffic onto your website or not.

  • Revenue-based payment

With affiliate marketing, you will pay only when there are sales therefore it is a cost-effective form of marketing. This commission-based marketing gives you hassle fee sales with the lowest possible marketing cost it.

  • Target audience

Affiliate marketing enables you to choose and target those people who are most likely to buy your product or avail of your service. This help to minimize marketing cost and increasing total revenue.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another and most basic form of marketing in which digital gadgets like computers and mobile phones are utilized and a brand is marketing on various platforms, including social media and websites.

It is also a popular form of marketing nowadays, and there are multiple reasons and benefits of using digital media. Some of these are as follows.


If we compare digital marketing with a traditional form of marketing, it is clear that this marketing form is quite cost-effective and inexpensive. Apart from being less expensive, it is proven to be more efficient.

Measurable Outcomes 

With digital, you can measure the effectiveness and outcomes of a campaign without waiting for long as we have to wait due to using the traditional form of marketing. It gives you quick outcomes.

Easily to handle

Apart from being a cost-effective form of marketing, digital marketing can be easily initiated and handle. It does not need a bunch of people. Just one person having sufficient knowledge of digital marketing is enough.