Welcome! In this article, we shall talk about the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website. But first, find out the meaning of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a list of guidelines and rules for improving the quality and quantity of traffic on your website which comes from organic searches on search engines. Organic searches mean all those searches which are done freely by people and are not due to ads.

What is the importance of SEO?

SEO is important for the following reasons:

  • Most search engine users are very likely to click on links which appear on the first search result page of Google. Therefore, it is important that your site appears on the first page in order to capture your audience
  • SEO improves the user experience of the website on which SEO has been done
  • If your website appears on the first search page, then it will be seen as an authority
  • Due to the above point, people will be more likely to promote your website in their social circles
  • If more traffic comes to your website, then you are more likely to get more sales

What are the types of SEO?

There are four types of SEOs: white hat, black hat, grey hat and negative SEOs.

White hat:

White hat SEO is a type of SEO in which only those rules and techniques are used which are approved by Google and other major search engines.

Results are slow in the short run but this approach is the best for the long run, especially if your website has great content.

Black hat:

This is a form of SEO which uses techniques and methods to promote your website which are forbidden by Google in their publications.

This gives quick results in the short run but fails in the long run against websites with better content than yours. Also, you run the risk of being banned or demoted by Google for using forbidden tactics.

Grey hat:

In this type of SEO, methods are used which are deceptive but not explicitly forbidden by Google’s guidelines for webmasters. This is done by searching for loopholes.

This method isn’t really good for the long run either.

Negative SEO:

This is when a webmaster uses deceptive tactics to harm the websites of competitors. For example, by hacking the rival website and modifying its content or spreading false rumors about the rival website. If you use these fraudulent tactics, then legal action could be taken against you.

Conclusion (Importance of SEO)

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