The difference between paid search and organic search

Whenever we open any search engine we tend to use specific keywords to search for any product or service. We get search results within a few seconds by that search engine. The chances that we visit websites suggested by google are highest. A search engine like Google has some very strict standards to rank or suggest a particular webpage to its user. So, it is trusted as well. Paid search vs organic search are listed below:

Paid Search Vs Organic Search

Organic traffic

  • Traffic is obtained due to the ranking of a website by google and is not paid particularly known as the organic traffic. 
  • Organic traffic is diverted by the search engine so it can be optimized by using SEO techniques and practices. 
  • Organic search results are trusted by their visitors so most SEO specialists work hard on it to enhance the ranking of a website by employing different SEO techniques.
  • Organic search listing matches more closely with the user query and is listed according to the relevance. First, three to five searches are the most relevant and the user is most probably going to visit those. 
  • Furthermore,  it is of crucial importance for a website to be ranked well to get satisfactory visitors. For getting maximum traffic a website needs to be of the finest quality and should have everything for its visitor.

Paid traffic

  • While on the other hand once we search online we get another type of traffic that is known as paid traffic in search engines will deliberately send some traffic as it will be paid on the basis of the number of visitors on the website. 
  • Paid traffic is basically a form of advertisement and after a search two search results are obtained one is paid and another is organic for a person looking to purchase something paid search results can be helpful as search engine favors research-based results.
  • Paid traffic support and promotes specific keywords.